New website


The motivation for this stripped back website, is that running Jekyll was becoming really annoying to sync between separate computers. And it's probably unneccesary for what I wanted. As I wanted to do some easy blogging (nothing major), I came across this. It's a little shell script which will create and publish blog posts from the terminal. I intend to mock them up in VSCode, as nano isn't going to cut it for me. I'm on a Mac, so the script won't work properly without GNU sed - there is somehow a difference between the two. I later have learned that Macs have ancient versions of GNU coreutils (~2005?).

As for the blog executable, it's really nice!

./lb n # makes a new post

./lb p # publishes a post

As for the blog, I don't really know what I'll do yet. But I may shove some of my D3 visualisations on here, talk about bits of code that I like. Or plants I like.